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Kaylee Frye >>
26 May 2010 @ 10:41 am
Kaylee Frye >>
15 February 2010 @ 09:47 pm
Okay, so. I picked up the Firefly and Serenity Blurays and was surprised to find there was some new content on the Serenity Bluray. Specifically, bio information on the entire crew. Remember the shot in the movie we see of Mal's Alliance criminal profile? That, for everyone.

So here we have everyone's official birthdays, including years, along with home planets, known locations and affiliations, all kinds of great stuff. Keep in mind that the movie takes place around early August, 2517.

Malcom ReynoldsCollapse )

Zoe WashburnCollapse )

Hoban WashburnCollapse )

Inara SaraCollapse )

Jayne CobbCollapse )

Kaylee FryeCollapse )

Shepard BookCollapse )

Simon TamCollapse )

River TamCollapse )
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09 December 2009 @ 09:09 pm
Kaylee's Re-Intro - December 09, 2009
Simon's Gone - December 09, 2009
Chatting with Everett - December 09, 2009
Getting a Little Drunk - December 10, 2009
Chatting with Brad Crawford - December 10, 2009
Chatting with Dante - December 10, 2009
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21 July 2009 @ 09:47 am
» Journal: zully
» Birthdate/Age: 25
» Characters Played: None

» Name: Kaylee Frye
» Fandom: Firefly
» Reference: There isn't one super-awesome compendium for her, but the best ones are here: http://www.browncoats.com/index.php?ContentID=42e83e9c03212
» Canon Point: End of Firefly, before the comics or movie.
» Gender: Female
» Age: 23
» Orientation: Straight. She shows a friendly interest in women, and though I think she might sleep with one if the stars aligned properly, I don't see her in an actual relationship with a woman. Not unless her character significantly alters itself during the course of this game at any rate. In Firefly she shows plenty of canon interest in men, and her introduction to the crew actually involves her having sex with one. Thus, I'm labeling her straight.

» Personality: The first thing you'll notice about Kaylee is her shining optimism. Even in the worst of situations she immediately focuses on the bright side of things, determined to make the best of any situation. She's cheerful, loves bright colors and machines, though none make her happier than Serenity.

Putting together machines is her passion, or just working on them. She loves taking things apart, tinkering with them to figure out how they work and putting them back together. She has an amazing aptitude for them despite not having had any formal training and insists machines just have a way of talking to her. She personifies things that are important to her, whether they're human or not. This is easily exemplified by how she insistently refers to the Serenity as a living, breathing thing.

She's wholesome in most definitions of the word, sweet and caring about anyone and everyone she meets. That's not to say she's perfect; if you're mean to her she'll treat you how she thinks you deserve which usually involves being told off verbally and then ignored for a period. She's also somewhat vulnerable to rejection, though it never takes her long to recover. Kaylee can definitely hold a grudge if the situation warrants it, or if she's had her feelings particularly hurt.

Despite her apparent wholesomeness, she's got a rougher side to her. She has no qualms whatsoever when it comes to sex or talking about it openly, except of course should someone she likes and would enjoy having it with is in the room. Her way of speaking can be rough and a little crude, sometimes shocking people who expect her manners to match her sunny, optimistic disposition.

» Appearance: Kaylee stands at 5'6" and weighs in at about 135lbs. She has green eyes and slightly wavy brown hair that goes a bit past her shoulder that she sometimes ties up into twin Asian-style buns on either side of her head. She's got well developed muscles in her upper thighs and especially her arms from long-term mechanic work, though somehow manages to keep her fingernails mostly clean. She has a fondness for fusion clothing, merging Asian styles with the more practical Western styles for her particular line of work. She has one noteable scar on her stomach, near her belly button from a time she'd been shot in the gut.

» "amatomnes" Entry:

/You see a wide-eyed brunette with green eyes, mouth half-open in a surprised o as she taps a little at the screen, grinning stupidly to herself/

天曉得, but ain't this thing somethin! Feels real familiar, but.. looks almost like one of them old earth relics, by the size and shape of it. Wonder what it's got powerin' it--

/The device is flipped over and the camera blurs, and I hope none of you get motion sick easy. There's some clicking noises, and then an audible tsk and a slight curse in Chinese/

Boy, what I wouldn't give to have my tools on me.. figure I could pry this thing open I got the right pieces to do it with, figure out her power source. Maybe even could hook this up to a bigger screen, like the vid monitors back home!

/It flips back around, and Kaylee stops, staring at it in confusion/

Okay, now I know this is real familiar, 'less this is somethin' I dreamed up before, but this'd be a pretty crummy thing t' dream about. If I got my choice of dreams it'd be more like--

/she stops, covers her mouth with a little laugh, and grins/

Well that ain't worth repeatin' in front of a buncha people I may not know anyhow. Way I remember it this thing works like a camera and there's tons of people out there that're watchin' this, yeah? I still got it right?

/reaches down to tug at her collar, pursing her lips a little/

Sure feels the same, anyway.

» "amatomneslogs" Entry: This was not at all an unpleasant way to wake up, Kaylee decided. Before she'd even opened her eyes her lips curled upward in a slow grin. She stretched lazily, not at all bothered by the strange bed linens or the foreign room, by the time she opened her eyes. It wasn't the first time she'd gone out drinking and woke up in a strange bed, though it'd been the first time in awhile. Since she joined up with Serenity, actually. She'd had her sights set so firmly on Simon that she hadn't let herself give in, but she guessed last night must've been different.

And that's when she frowned. She couldn't remember last night. It was the first time she'd had sex in eight months and she couldn't remember what happened last night.

"Figures," She muttered, rolling her eyes as she sat up and reached for her clothes, folded neatly at the end of the bed. "Least he was nice enough 'fore he left, and it ain't some back alley place. It's fancible enough."

The collar was new though. She tugged at it a little, though it didn't seem to want to budge. "Must've been a hell of a night," She muttered, "Ain't let a guy do that kinda thing in awhile." Kaylee gave it a few more sturdy tugs, but with no further luck. She'd just have to wait to get her hands on a good pair of scissors, or a knife.

That last thought gave her cause to stop, pursing her lips on a frown. She was getting the strangest sense of deja vu. She could swear this room was familiar, but remembering it felt like trying to remember a dream halfway through the day. Bits of it kept floating to the surface, though each moment she was there brought a bit more of it back.

Even this collar she had on, there was something distinctive and important about it. Kaylee gave it another thoughtful tug. What was it that she was supposed to--

"Ooh!" She'd turned to find a small device near where she'd slept, with what looked like a screen and a rudimentary keyboard. Previous curiosity and concern forgotten, she began to immediately fiddle with it.

"Now how do you turn on.. ?"
Kaylee Frye >>
16 November 2008 @ 12:00 pm
I love some good con/crit, and Kaylee's so freaking hard to write, I'd love any tips y'all have! :D